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What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I will spend a month traveling in Mongolia attending field school. I will have 2 tasks: studying the impacts of environment on horse culture and helping with an ongoing biodiversity study of wild horses, marmots, and wolves. I have come to realize that no matter how much I have prepared, there will always be more to do!

I still need to raise funds for the last of the gear, travel insurance, and emergency cash on hand.

Here is the run down:

Already accounted for

Tuition: $5250 ($2500 was a fellowship)

Flights: 6,000

Backpack: 182.

Pack Duffle 35.

Boots: 180.

Water Filter 80.

Sleeping Bag 189.

Sleeping Pad 200.

Pack Pillow 60.

Headlamp 60.

Bathroom Kit with extra supplies 65.

Still needed gear:

Bio Degradeable Wipes 25.

Solar Power Pack 80.

Rain Gear 60.

Marino wool Pants (2) 225.

Marino wool Base layer sets (2) 180.

Marino wool T-shirts (3) 150.


Travel Evacuation Insurance 500.

Emergency Cash

If you want to help:

Trail Angel style:

I have an REI wishlist here:

Crowdraising Cheerleader style:

Here is the link to my Go Fund Me:

  • this includes a unique photo from the trip and a copy of my travel journal

Bohemian Artist style:

Visit a market and buy some handmade work (jewelry, ceramics, tiny watercolors)

I will be at the following markets this week:

  • Friday Art Walk at the Arkansas Innovation Hub (5-8)

  • Saturday Community Market at Margies in Bald Knob (8- Noon)

  • Sunday Bernise Gardens in Little Rock (9-2)

Hippie Style:

Make a donation towards my effort because of the environmental work this study is trying to accomplish.

Foodie Style:

Contribute to my cause and recieve an image of a meal with a full discription, the history of the dish, and a recipe.

Yardsale Style:

Duck Call brand new in the box Echo call (Meat Hanger) asking $125.

Trailer hitch for 2011 Subaru Forrester -never installed (box destroyed) $50.

1940s GE monitor top refrigerator (needs restoration and pick up) $350

Vintage Clothing (assortment of womens jeans and dresses (sizes 14-16) asking $5 an item (plus shipping)

Vintage cookbooks 3/$10 (plus shipping)

*Message me


Pictured: one of my teabowls - this is part of a glaze study from research on tea culture on the Steppes.


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