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I received an invite to spend 3 weeks in Mongolia

Updated: Mar 29

"Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your recent application to the Faculty Development Seminar on Climate Change and Public Health in Mongolia.  I am the founder of the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS), the organizer of the program, and I will be leading the program this summer.  We are making plans for a similar program in 2025, which will be announced later this fall if approved, however, I wanted to write to you with a special offer of a Fellowship of up to $2500 for you to attend one of the classes in our regular ACMS Mongolia Field School program. ..."

These are the 2 programs I have chosen to attend.

Both of these are relevant to the research that was completed for my dissertation. I am excited, but it will mean having to raise at least 7,000 to cover the remaining $3000 that the Henry Luce Foundation did not cover, as well as the airfare. I will be selling a bunch of artwork in addition to the GoFundMe (The Crayon will lead you there.)

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