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Fish Sauce...

We have spent the past few days trying to use up all of the tomato chili sauce from my last post. I have had a craving for stir-fry for weeks. Tonight we decided on fish. However, I didn't want the typical NY-fired flounder I usually make. We had a ton of veggies that needed cooking. I was craving stir fry!

Check out the recipe for "Mrs. Miu's Stir-fried Fish and Eggplant" on pages 114-115 of Grace Young and Alan Richardson, Breath of a Wok, (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2004). Mrs. Mui makes her own fish sauce, which reminded me greatly of fish balls if they were fried. I might use this part of the recipe next time we make noodles. The result was so delicate and velvety. I was expecting something much more fishy. I was so incredibly surprised!

This is where tonight's journey started after picking our first few eggplants of the summer. I did diverge. I added ginger in with the garlic. I also added other vegetables, stir-frying them with the eggplant step. I added zucchini, yellow squash, onion, pepper, asparagus, and baby bok choy. Otherwise, everything else was exactly as written. This recipe is a definite keeper! The ginger will stay. I used about an inch, diced finely. I might venture into a finely diced fresh chili next time too.

Buy the book if you don't have it in your collection. Get yourself a good steel wok too. It will make all the difference in your stir-fry!

The Sake cups pictured were made by my love Joey Lindsey. They were among his first cups, made nine years ago. They were wood-fired in Joe Bruin's kiln in Fox, AR, which is in the Ozarks. The plates were made by Steve Driver of Mulberry Creek Pottery in Yale, Arkansas.

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