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The Weekend Schedule

Parkin Wild Clay Intercollegiate Symposium (1)
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Attached is our schedule and a list of resources. Friday will be a day of getting acquainted with Parkin and all it has to offer. If it does not rain this week we will most likely be capable of digging clay from the river as it is currently pretty low. I have not however assessed how close to shore the gumbo extends. As long as the ground is firm we will indulge in sourcing our own clay.

  • What we know about this clay is that it will fire to cone 1 without bloating. At this temperature it fires to a very rich deep red color, similar to the red we see in the slip decorations on the pots in the Parkin collection. The sample below was fired to witness cone 6 (2190F) in an electric kiln, there was some obvious bloating and melt beginning. This might serve as a good glaze ingredient.

  • It can be worked straight out of the ground, however a temper such as DE or grog does wonders. This sample was tempered with Harris Food Grade DE (10%)

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