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Fire and Rain...

Sunday morning was crazy busy. I had coffee and rice on by 4:45 AM, this time however I climbed back into my sleeping bag for an hour instead of getting up with the forest creatures. At 6 AM I finally rolled out of bed and in a whirlwind set out breakfast, made a fire, and started packing up the things I could in camp. By the time we were ready for the full takedown, rain moved in. We worked together despite the downpour to finish the job.

We arrived at Parkin around 10:15 and got to work building and prepping the trenchkiln. In short order we were ready to light the fire. Once our fire was lit, we spent the next six hours dodging rain drops and downpours. It was not the typical jovial attitude that ceramic artists have when they are around fire, instead, it was a struggle to perservere on this chilly damp and windy day. Usually we have leftover food, this year, there was only a small amount of rice and beans to fill in with the snacks. Eventually, the waffle iron was put to use and some grilled cheese and s'more action took place. Poptarts make everything better.

Throughout the day, students spent time in the Archeology lab sorting the finds from a treeball that was unearthed in the March 31, 2023 tornado. There were some really interesting finds, a lot of deer bone, several rings, and quite a bit of potshard. They also got to visit the holding room and individually discuss pots with Bob Scott up close and without glass.

We unload the trench kiln Wednesday morning, results will follow. We would be remiss if we did not offer thanks to all of the Arkansas State Park Staff that helped:

Nate Odom, Victoria Wright, Megan Wallace, and Patricia Dougherty for your wonderful expertise and guidance. Thank you to Carrie Wilson (Quapaw Cultural Council) and Mel Zabeki (Akansas Archeological Survey) for your help with the culural questions. Finally, Bob Scott, you changed some lives with your hands on approach to archeology. Thank you all!!!

Wake time 6 AM Rest: 9PM passed out petting the annoyed that I was gone cat


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